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The contemporary Trends in Weddings – Oahu Wedding Packages

Over time, weddings have taken a move in the direction of sophistication. This year is no exclusion. The following looks at the celebrated wedding tendencies of this year, with specific focus to destination marriages in Oahu, one of the most ideal marriage venues for numerous couples.

A place visited wedding is a commemoration of a couple’s union, often in a vacation -like setting or venue (as in Oahu wedding packages), where the invited visitors should journey for and stay for a marriage program that could last for days. The most widespread topics for place visited weddings are the lush tropics for a sandy shore ceremony, a luxurious metropolitan resort, a rustic European village, or an easy flower bed observance. 

Destination weddings have relentlessly and consistently glimpsed development and popularity as opposed to customary weddings, even after the recession of 2009. This type of marriage, destination weddings, gives the twosome a exclusive and economical way to state “I do”. Exotic locale packages, as in Oahu wedding packages, are one of the most well liked choices as it allows a swapping of vows in a spectacular paradise. In Oahu, for example, a soon-to-be twosome can envision a white-sand sandy shore observance, overlooking spectacular mountain varieties and the calm, blue of the sea. Place visited wedding commemorations are as limitless as the fantasy.

Benefits of a Destination Wedding
Place visited weddings have become an progressively refreshing and well liked choice of marriage over traditional marriage for over the past 10 years. For more than one cause, destination weddings take the baked cake over other wedding topics. Numerous twosomes select traditional weddings primarily because of savings in time, effort, and cash, because everything is revolved up such that you would find in place visited marriage packages, particularly in Hawaii, as the very popular cost-efficient Oahu marriage packages.
The twosome can expect to save time, effort, and cash as place visited weddings usually calls for intimate weddings, significance a shorter visitor list. Thus, costs are cut in half directly. Marriage bundles furthermore make certain that the future bride and groom undergo the amalgamation tension free with a planner taking care of everything from flowers to photographs, which is encompassed in most deals such as Oahu marriage packages in Hawaii.
Also, destination marriage packages, such as the Oahu marriage packages, are furthermore very popular for the ultimate advantage, that is, your ritual venue is your honeymoon location. Most holiday resorts, as in Oahu, will offer the couple free inducements such as a complimentary morning meal for the twosome, free observance, and unbelievable discounts universal.

How place visited Wedding Works

Place visited weddings require the twosome, entourage, and visitors to travel to the venue where the marriage observance and program will be held. Of course, the most vital factor is choosing the location where the twosomes will marry, and by standard, the objective of a place visited marriage is to veer away from either of the twosomes’ hometown. Destination weddings in Hawaii are a very economical and fuss-free option for marrying twosomes, all the while sustaining sophistication, solemnity, and wholesome joy, such as those offered in Oahu wedding packages.
If you want to understand more about place visited weddings, you can easily visit Oahu wedding packages. Tourists can furthermore find more comprehensive data on Oahu wedding packages on the location as well.

Monday, 29 July 2013


Imagine yourself walking down the aisle, barefoot under the majestic skies, and stepping on unadulterated, fine sand. If you are bride and planning a beach wedding, why not look into getting married in Hawaii?
For some couples, getting married in Hawaii is the ultimate wedding. Indeed, Hawaiian weddings are very romantic, exotic, and most importantly, unforgettable. Contrary to popular belief, Hawaiian weddings are not as expensive as you think they are. In fact, if you are a getting married on a budget, flying to Hawaii to tie the knot can be cheaper than planning a lavish ceremony in your locality.

Because Hawaii is made up of several islands, it can be very confusing where to hold the ceremony. Your choices would include Oahu, Maui, Kauai or “The Garden Isle”, Lanai, and Molokai. Oahu is the popular choice because this is the island with the biggest population, thereby making it the busiest and liveliest among the five islands. It’s also the reason why Oahu earned the nickname, “Gathering Place,” being home to around a million locals and expats who found happiness in the island.  Located in Oahu is one of the world’s famous beaches – the Waikiki Beach. Another world famous city, Honolulu, the state’s capital, is also situated in Oahu.

Now, if you are planning to get married in Oahu, expect to choose from over 70 hotels, 30 condominiums, and 20 bed and breakfast inns. Also, don’t be surprised if the island is filled with hundreds of thousands of tourists who want to experience the “Gathering Place” in all its glory just like you do. Once you start planning your very own Hawaiian wedding, you will uncover the best things about Oahu.

Of course, Hawaiian weddings need preparations and one of the most important elements of planning the ultimate ceremony is to pick an extraordinary Oahu wedding photographer. Hiring a professional Oahu wedding photographer can make or break your wedding. The right Oahu wedding photographer is crucial because that would be the person to record every detail of what’s supposed to be the most romantic day of your life. Don’t be fooled by “photographers” who try to sell themselves by marketing “unlimited photos.” You don’t need unlimited photos. What you need are memories captured in film and video. Always remember what people say about quantity versus quality. What’s the use of having thousands of photos if none of them capture the emotions and moments that really matter the most?

Before choosing an Oahu wedding photographer, do preliminary research first. Know what kinds of photos you want and in what format. They may be the experts but it is your wedding and it is your day. Don’t let them dictate how you want it done. Hawaiian weddings are perfect so doing not let anyone ruin it for you. After the ceremony, enjoy the rest of the island. There are plenty of captivating beaches, celebrated restaurants, and exciting activities to explore. Let the beauty of Oahu be forever etched in your memories. It’s not every day you get to celebrate a romantic ceremony with the  partner of your dreams.

Monday, 22 July 2013

How To Get A Marriage License In Hawaii

This Blog discusses how to get a Hawaii Marriage License for beach weddings.

Getting married is just about any girl’s dream and what better way to enjoy your wedding than to head into one of the most romantic wedding places in the world – Hawaii. Just imagine – long stretches of fine soft sand, with calm turquoise waters splashing silently in the background set against a backdrop of clear blue sky, the perfect place to become one in the sight of God and men.

To ensure that you get those perfect Hawaii beachweddings that most couples do get to enjoy, it is important to know all about Hawaii marriage license. Although most beaches in Hawaii are free, it is still necessary to get your marriage license to be considered legally married.  Here are some things to ensure that you are eligible to get married in Hawaii.

Eligibility Requirements:
First, one should be of legal age to get married legally in Hawaii. It does not matter whether you are a local or a foreigner; you must be 18 years of age to get married. If you are sixteen or seventeen and want to get married, then you need to obtain parental or legal guardian consent to get married.

Secondly, a proof of age is required by the Department of Health to ensure that you are really of legal age. You can present certificate of live birth, driver’s license or any other government issued IDs to get your license. If you have been married previously and are divorced or your former spouse is already deceased, you have to show documents such as the original death certificate of your spouse or the certificate that proves that you are already divorced. 
How To Apply:
Applying for a marriage certificate is fast and easy. The first step is contacting a licensed minister or a performer as they call them in Hawaii, to officiate your marriage. This is required when you apply for a marriage license. You can choose a religious performer such as a priest or minister or a judge performer such as a magistrate or a retired justice to officiate your marriage.  You will find registered performers at the Department’s official site as well as the type of ceremony that they perform and the city where they are located. 

The second step is getting your marriage form. You can easily download an application form from the Department of Health’s official website. There are two types of application form to choose from – marriage and civil union. Save print and together with your supporting documents and payment fee, head to the marriage license office, which you can find in the State Health Department. Remember that both parties should personally appear before a marriage agent. No emails or mailed applications are entertained and proxies are definitely not allowed.

 Third, choose the place where you would like to get married. The license is valid for thirty days (30) so you can find one that suits you or check out one of the professional wedding planners that cater to Hawaiian weddings. As the Hawaiian weather can change drastically, it is easier to book one wedding planner that knows how to make the day look amazing despite cloudy skies and thunderstorms. You might want to try out the services of Steve Young from

All weddings done in Hawaii are legal. If you are a foreigner, inform the registrar of the country where you are a resident and they will send all the legal documents to you so you can file it when you get back home.

Oahu Weddings—Finding the Best Hawaii Wedding Packages

The Best Hawaii Wedding Packages

Finding the best wedding package for your big day can be daunting especially if you don't know who to talk to. There are so many who claim to be “professionals” offering all sorts of Hawaiiwedding packages and they promise you heaven on earth only to be disappointed on your wedding day. Now you can't afford that! You deserve the best wedding and you have to make it as memorable as possible.

oahu weddings

Things that Make Oahu Weddings Memorable
Making your wedding memorable does not come by accident, it has to be carefully planned by people who know what they are doing and who have enough experience to back them up. In short, you need a wedding planner with a solid reputation. 

Here are some of the things that a good wedding planner has to consider:

Romantic venue
Finding the best wedding venue is important because once you've found the right spot, all things will fall in its proper place. You need a planner who knows the place like the back of his hands. While Hawaii can offer you the best venues you can dream of, you can't go wrong if you choose Oahu because it has all the perks that make for a perfect wedding. Of all the islands in Hawaii, Oahu has the most secluded white sand beaches and this translate to romance and privacy. It has the most stable weather compared to the rest of the islands and this is important because you don't want rain on your wedding day, do you?   

Video coverage 
What is a wedding if you can't upload the clip on YouTube or Facebook? A good wedding package should have a decent video coverage that captures the most memorable parts of the wedding. You see, everybody—including those who did not make it—would want to watch this after you tied the knot that’s why you want to capture the romance. 

   Still picture coverage
Who said that only videos are important? You also want to capture the still photos as well and when you do, you want it done right. A decent wedding planner should have a professional photographer on the team to capture the moments that would make even your grandmother to shed tears. 
           Affordable package
There are a lot of Hawaii wedding packages that would leave a gaping hole in your pocket and you want to avoid that as well. A good wedding planner knows how to work within your budget and will give you a good accounting of all the expenses that were incurred.

These are some of the things that you need to consider when planning to tie the knot. For affordable Hawaii wedding packages, you can count on Dream Weddings Hawaii to give you the best-bang-for-the-buck. For all your inquiries on Oahu Weddings and other outer island events, all you need to do is give us a call and we will give you all the information you need.

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Hawaii Weddings and its Legal Requirements

The main issue of a wedding in Hawaii is the legal requirement, which is the cause of concern in many parts of the United States. If, all the requirements are fulfilled and in the end there is any legal issue related to the marriage, it cannot be done. Different legal rules are applicable in different parts of the States; still several requirements need to be fulfilled in the US state before a couple can be connected in a marriage.
 The prime rule of a wedding in Hawaii and other parts of the US is to get the license to prevent social issues like illegal marriages. The other main objective behind this to keep the records accurate. The requirements for getting the license are both the parties should be presented in front of the authority, evidence of bachelors and they show their consent of getting married.
All the states are required to get the license before the wedding ceremony; usually it should be taken before one to six days prior to the ceremony. The license is duly signed by the officiator and the couples and in some state like Hawaii wedding requires witnesses on the license. All the requirements must be met to get the license of the marriage.
The other requirement of the marriage is the age limit of both the couples but it also differs in many parts. The legal age requirement of the marriage should be at least 18 years. This requirement can be negotiable with the consent of the parents in all states. Blood testing is another requirement for the wedding in Hawaii. This law is created to stop those diseases, which transfers through blood. The blood test is done before getting the license; however it is also acceptable by providing other evidences.

In order to further protect this contract, it must be done by the authorized person such as religious person or a judge and such must be protected by a witness. A civil ceremony is conducted instead of religious one. Civil ceremonies are conducted under the supervision of a government official or a judge opposed by a rabbi or a minister. A copy of the license and the marriage contractis sent to the state agency for keeping their records. Marriage in the state of Hawaii is difficult to hold due to legal requirements but it is good to engage by a proper way in Hawaii weddings by following the rules because it afterwards would be helpful in exceptional circumstances. Marriages that are done outside the state are recognized by the state.

A civil wedding ceremony that is common in Hawaii Stateis usually not associated with any religion and these are also like by those, who do not believe in any religion or belong to a different faith. Civil marriages are usually conducted by judges in their chambers and official places of government. Couples are also requested to arrange the ceremony at any place, where they want as they get the legal license of the contract.It is also practiced that couples, who belongs to a same religion can request for civil ceremony and it is also conducted in church upon request of the parties. Vice versa, it can be conducted outside the church, if both the parties are making the event according to their choice.

Despite of the fact that civil ceremonies are done mostly by non-religious people but they are usually done in the same manner as the religious one. A civil ceremony starts with the statement of the officiating person along with the transfer of rings and vows. After the marriage is done both the couples kiss each other to start the romantic life. Civil ceremonies also contain rituals if the parties want them in the marriage.

From the above fact, it has been concluded that wedding in Hawaii are done by all pre-requisites measures;so that it can be protected forever according to the legal laws govern by the country. People can find difficulty in the beginning but they can get a good result after they start their life because it gives an authentication to live with each other and the environment also accept you and give respect.